Jock Lock By Sport Fucker

Jock Lock By Sport Fucker
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  • Item #: SPF-5
This 100% Premium Silicone ass-lock will stretch over 200% its original size and has a nice 45mm or 1-3/4” Ball Plug on the end that will keep your ass in check. The attached cockring is 50mm or 1-7/8” so it’s not too tight and not too loose. You can even upgrade the Jock Lock with our Neoprene Harness ring. Not only does the Neoprene Harness ring look amazing against the silicone it will reduce the size of the cockring along with the width so when your pulling on your cock you will really be bouncing your nuts up and down. The 10mm or 3/8? neck on the butt plug means you can wear this ass-lock all day long with ease. Available in three colors 100% Pure Platinum Silicone
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Price $42.95